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Living room decor

Generally speaking, living rooms are multi-functional areas within a home, they can be used as a place for relaxation i.e. watching TV, reading and a number of other leisure activities and also for the entertaining of guests. For this reason, you will need to be happy with your living room d?cor.

Most living rooms will feature a number of seating options (for example; a couch, a couple of chairs and sometimes other seating areas such as beanbags), coffee/occasional tables, bookshelves and various other pieces of furniture. However, despite these similarities, the living room d?cor used can make them look very different and unique.

Let's start with the walls - when you are decorating your living room, the first decision you will need to make is whether or not to use wallpaper. Certainly, it is still a very popular option, however, many people prefer the clean look provided by a neutral matt paint. Of course, you can always use both methods i.e. hang a bold, statement wallpaper on the main or 'feature' wall and paint the remaining walls in a neutral colour i.e. cream or beige.

Then there's art. Some people love it - and other don't. Even if you're not a fan of more traditional paintings, you will probably find a print or wall hanging to suit your individual tastes. Metal wall art is proving to be very popular again, especially flower and leaf combinations, this can be a great way to update your living room d?cor with minimal fuss and expenditure. Generally speaking, larger pieces of art look great when hung above the couch or mantelpiece - rather than hidden in one corner of the room. Alternatively, you can use a number of smaller prints or wall decorations, scattered around the room.

Soft furnishings also make a big contribution to your living room d?cor. For a streamlined look, you can use the same fabric to make your curtains, cushions and throws for your couch. Bold print curtains and accessories look great in an otherwise neutral room - you can then place one or two ornaments, of the same colour, around your room to really bring out the colour scheme.

Living room d?cor really is a personal thing. Everyone has their own ideas of how a living room should look and which colours and patterns go well together. To get a few decorating ideas, compare a number of different paint and fabric samples - this is a great way to find out which colours and patterns combine well.





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