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Home Insulation

Home insulation is essential if you wish to keep your home warm, energy bills affordable and to protect your home from the elements of the cold weather and potential damp.

There are various parts of your home which can all be insulated, these are the loft, walls, flooring, pipes, windows, doors and if you have one, a hot water tank. Taking steps to increase the insulation on all of these parts in your home can help ensure that the heat your heating system produces stays inside and keeps the house warm rather than escaping through walls, the roof, windows and any other gaps.

Home insulation steps can be as simple as fitting double or triple glazed windows and doors and using curtains or blinds to stop any heat from escaping. More complicated methods include cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. As heat rises the loft in your home should be insulated. This is easier than you may think and can involve simply placing insulation blankets along the floor of your loft and/or the inside of the roof.

Taking simple steps to complete home insulation will quickly pay off, dramatically reduces your heating bills and you will quickly find your home stays warmer for longer.



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