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Home DIY

For a range of home DIY tips, we've set up this section to really guide you through the simple tasks. Home DIY can be very easy - it can also be very complex - so get some sound DIY tips before you jump in with both feet.

 DIY brickwork
DIY brickwork
Bricks and mortar
Learn how to repoint, replace damaged bricks, open a wall and more. The ideal guide to DIY brickwork.

DIY brickwork

How are wall ties used?
Opening a wall
Replacing damaged bricks
Re-pointing brickwork

  DIY central heating
DIY central heating
Central heating advice
Learn how to bleed a radiator, removing and replacing a radiator and much more. An ideal guide to DIY heating.

DIY central heating

Bleeding a radiator
Different heating systems
Fitting a radiator
Removing a radiator
 Painting and decorating
DIY painting and decorating
DIY decorating
Learn all there is to know about interior and exterior painting, paint removal and other DIY decorating tips.

DIY decorating

Exterior painting
Interior painting
Removing paint
Removing wallpaper
 Home electrics
DIY electrics
DIY electrics
Change a plug, change a fuse, fit a power shower and so much more. Safe DIY electrics hints and tips.

DIY electrics

Installing an electric shower
Replacing a damaged socket
House need rewiring?
Wiring a plug
 DIY plumbing
DIY plumbing
Plumbing advice
Learn the plumbing basics including plumbing a washing machine and dishwasher and more DIY plumbing tips.

DIY plumbing

Emergency pipe repairs
Plumb in washing machine
Isolate your water supply
 General advice
General DIY
General DIY hints and tips. From avoiding cowboy builders to DIY do's and don'ts and board fencing ideas

General DIY

Jargon buster
Bricklaying Ground work
Carpentry Heating
Decorating Plastering
Electrical maintenance Plumbing
Floor laying Roofing

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