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DIY Decorating

If you are a beginner to interiors and decorating then DIY decorating may sound intimidating but with careful planning, instructions and following all the necessary guidelines, DIY decorating can be a cost effective way of bringing your home, room or other interiors up to date and giving it a new lease of life. With lots of planning with the likes of mood boards and using other interior design ideas available to you, you will be able to create a look which is similar to that you would have received from a professional without the cost.

When DIY decorating, you should not consider attempting to do anything which should be undertaken by a professional such as moving electrics or installing gas appliances.

When planning the room you should consider how it will be used and choose paints and/or wallpapers which are appropriate for the use. There are paints which are especially formulated for use in a kitchen and bathroom; these are usually wipe clean and resistant to heat, steam and condensation which is common in such rooms. You should avoid using wallpaper in a bathroom or kitchen as the constant heat and steam sources will damage the paper and lead it to peel, not a look you want to go for!



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