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How to Decorate

Decorating can be a minefield to many, especially due to masses of information, products and services out there. Here are a few, quick and easy steps you should consider if you are wondering how to decorate.

The first step is careful planning; taking into consideration the use of the room, the practicalities which you need and the current furniture which will be prominent in the room. Ensure you have all the materials you will need to decorate, fix any problems then clean the equipment used. If possible remove all the furniture from the room or cover with dust sheets to protect from any splashes or spills.

It is important to order the tasks required when working out how to decorate. The ceiling should be painted first followed by the walls and lastly, the floor, especially in the cases of fitting a new carpet which you don't want to be damaged by paint, gloss or paste!

Before starting ensure that all surfaces are clean and smooth so any paint or wallpaper can be applied properly. When applying the paint or wallpaper to the wall use the correct size of brushes, type of paint for the room and apply slowly and carefully, create a border around the edges to ensure a clean finish. You will need to leave walls to dry prior to adding any decorative finishing, such as photo frames, mirrors and so on.



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