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Although the primary use of curtains was to block light, insulate and stop intruders being able to see inside your house, they are now more commonly used for their decorative purposes.

Curtains can come in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes, they can also be made to measure using a range of fabrics. The length of curtains is down to personal preference, some prefer curtains that just cover the window whereas others prefer floor length curtains for dramatic effect, especially when it comes to large windows.

Curtains can be hung on a pole or use a track. The type of which is once again down to preference and the look you hope to achieve. Poles are suitable for tab top curtains where there are tabs at the top of the curtains in the material of the curtain and the pole runs through these or eyelet curtains where the pole travels through holes in the top of the curtain. Tracks on the other hand are for pleated curtains which have additional attachments to fix to the track and look pleated once drawn.

Many interior collections create curtains which match a range of wallpaper, rugs, accessories and bedding. Choosing such a collection will make it easier for you to get a coordinating designer look for less, without the need to hire an interior designer.





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