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Decorating Tips

There is so much information out there regarding decoration, interior design and refurbishing your home, it is handy to have the most important facts condensed into handy decorating tips.

Your decorating should be planned carefully so you also take into consideration the way you use the room, the practicalities you need and the furniture which will be prominent in the room. Careful planning will prevent problems in the future such as colours on the wall clashing with pieces of furniture.

If you are a DIY beginner then start using light colours, mistakes are more obvious when you use dark colours.

Before painting or wallpapering ensure that you have cleaned the area carefully, removing any remaining pieces of flaky paint or previous layers of wallpaper. The cleaner and smoother your walls the easier it will be to successfully apply the new decoration and create a clean finish.

If you are not confident in your ability to paint in straight lines or worry about dropping paint on skirting boards or door frames then you should cover these areas with masking tape so any mistakes, slips or drips can easily be removed when finished. Do not apply masking tape on any wet paint, make sure it is completely dry!





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