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Why use soft furnishings

If you enjoy completing DIY projects, you will no doubt have undertaken a wide range of decoration tasks i.e. painting, wallpapering and the laying of new flooring. To this end, you may wonder 'why use soft furnishings?' and 'do they really make a difference to a room?'. To answer the last question, yes they do.

Soft furnishings can actually help to turn a house into a home - providing a few personal and unique touches to all of your rooms. The term 'soft furnishings' covers a wide range of items, including; cushions, throws, beanbags, curtains and blinds, rugs, foot stools, seat pads and even table linen. When you are decorating your home, the number of soft furnishing available to you is staggering, as is the choice of fabrics, designs and colours.

Here are a few examples of how soft furnishings can be used to great effect;

  • Bright curtains, cushions and rugs can help to brighten up an otherwise plain or 'boring' room. Inject a little colour into your room using pretty or bold soft furnishings in varying patterns and colours.

  • Throws can be used on seating areas, such as sofas and chairs, to prevent them from being damaged and to cut down on the cleaning of furniture. This can be an especially practical option if you have children or pets.

  • Beanbags can provide a mobile and practical seating alternative to a room. They are great for accommodating guests and for children's bedrooms. When not in use, they can easily be stored away.

  • Rugs can be used on any areas in a room that experience heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. They can be easily washed as and when required, and can save you money otherwise spent on carpet cleaning.

  • Using the same fabric, a variety of soft furnishings can be hand-made - for example; you can make cushions, curtains and seating covers to match. This is a great way to create an instant theme for a room.

As illustrated in the above points, soft furnishings have a wide number of applications in the home, and can make a real difference to the overall d?cor in a room. Soft furnishings can also be changed easily as and when required i.e. if you decide to change the colour your walls or flooring, or if certain items become worn or damaged over time. You don't have to spend a fortune on soft furnishings, many items can be hand-made using a selection of fabrics.





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