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Cost of decorating a room

If you are thinking about starting a new home d?cor project, you will need to know more about the cost of decorating a room. By gaining information on approximate pricings, you can effectively set your budget for an entire room decorating project. Here are a few aspects to consider;

  • Whether the job is a full redecoration or a refresh
  • The current condition of the room(s)

A refresh
Generally speaking, a refresh is the rejuvenation of a tired looking room using limited time and products. If a room is in good decorative order i.e. there is no wall or ceiling papering involved and a dramatic colour change is not required, a single room refresh can usually be completed in a day or two. The ceiling and walls will generally be washed down and re-painted using a single coat of 'one coat' paint. A new layer of paint may also be applied to woodwork i.e. doors and skirting boards.

The price for a refresh will usually be divided into labour costs - approx. one or two days per room, although this will not be an issue if you are undertaking all of your own painting work - and the costs to purchase any supplies such as paint, brushes and any other tools that are required for the project.

A full redecoration
A full redecoration usually involves all aspects of painting, wallpapering and the fixing of any small defects i.e. the filling in of holes in walls, replacing loose putty around windows and the removal of flaking or damaged paint from windowsills or skirting boards. Generally speaking, the preparation stage will take the longest amount of time, as any old wallpaper will need to be removed and surfaces will need to be prepared before they can be papered or re-painted.

The costs for a full redecoration are largely dependent on the size and existing condition of the room and the amount and kind of work required (i.e. painting only or painting, papering and repairs). To this end, a single room redecoration can take anywhere from a single day to a whole week. Of course, if you plan to do the work yourself as a DIY project, you will automatically reduce the costs somewhat. You will still need to purchase the supplies that you need i.e. paint, wallpaper, brushes, DIY tools, but will not be paying out for labour costs.





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