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Do It Yourself Ideas

If you are looking for do it yourself ideas, here are some to consider when decorating your home.

You can frequently change the look of your room by using neutral colour accessories, furniture and flooring, combined with colourful themed walls either through wallpaper or paint on one or all walls. This gives you the opportunity to complete easy do it yourself projects and frequently change the look of your room, quickly and inexpensively and it can be often cheaper to refresh your wall colourings rather than buy a range of new accessories such as curtains.

Although it is common to use a neutral colour and one other colour, another do it yourself idea to consider is using 2 or more complimenting colours in a palette. An example of this would be hot pink and purple. This could be easily done using deep purple wallpaper on a focal wall with black accents on the main furniture of the room such as the bed or sofa combined with flashes of hot pink accessories in vases, curtains and lighting features. The colours used should represent the mood you wish to achieve in the room, by combining colours in this way it creates more depth. Other exciting colour combinations to try out would be teal and pink or purple and green!



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