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Interior Design

Interior design is the term given to the process which takes place when planning and designing the look of the inside of a home, or even commercial building. This will involve positioning the furniture in a way that best suits the room and planning a colour palette that works with the features of the room and complimenting this with a range of accessories that completes the look you were hoping to achieve.

Colour is an important factor in interior design. The use of colour should be using a palette of complimenting, not clashing colours which best suits the current or new furniture that is going to be used in the room and the rest of the home or property. A clever use of colour through a carefully planned interior design process can emphasis the positives of a room and even set the mood of the room.

Interior design isn't just about colour, paint and wallpaper! Careful thought must go into the positioning of furniture to be able to take advantage of the true benefits of interior design can provide ensuring the best use of the available space is achieved which is versatile, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.



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