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Interior Design Ideas

If you have chosen to complete the interior design of your home on your own without the help of an interior design service then you may be looking for interior design ideas!

You should start this process off by building up mood boards of all the current interior design ideas which you may have. This should include any colours palettes you like, any focal pieces of furniture and any accessories you feel would suit the purpose and style of the room you are going for.

Lighting is very important, if you room is shaded or short of a natural source of light then you should bare this in mind. One interior design idea which is prominently used by professional interior designers is the use of mirrors and reflective, light accessories to give the illusion of additional space and light in the room. To take full advantage of this you can use a large mirror on a wall opposite the main source of natural light.

Another essential interior design idea you should consider is using a combination of fabrics and textiles throughout your design in the use of rugs, curtains, cushions and throws. Although these should consist of similar colours an eye-catching effect can be created when these fabrics clash, texture wise using textiles such as wool, faux fur, linen and silk.





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