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Occasions & Seasonal Decorating

If you love to change your rooms according to the seasons, special occasions or latest fashions then this is an option that although possible, requires carefully planning to ensure that you do not end up facing expensive decorating bills several times each year.

Seasonal decorating changes should be restricted to small areas, a focal wall would be perfect for this. This would mean that every time you wish to change your decoration in accordance with a particular season you just need to repaint or repaper one wall. The great advantages of this method are it's a low cost, quick change which requires little manual work.

You should aim to keep your furniture, such as sofas, sideboards, chests of drawers and tables neutral and a shape and style which would work with all possible changes in decoration.

Christmas, for instance is an exciting occasion when it comes to decorating. As well as the normal Christmas decorations you could put your day to day accessories away and then cover your focal wall with Christmas themed wallpaper in colours that work with the rest of your room. A simple and effective way to get involved in seasonal decorating.

The frequent change of your focal wall will create the wow factor you are looking for!



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