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Party table decorations

Whether you are planning a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas dinner or any other special event, you can use party table decorations to set the mood and make the day a little more special. Here a few party table decorations that you can use to make your table look amazing on special occasions;

  • Confetti - Traditionally thrown at weddings, confetti is also a very popular party table decoration. You can buy a variety of styles - from simple shapes (for example; hearts, stars and circles) to more detailed designs (such as teddy bears, music notes and words). Table confetti is very easy to use - you simply scatter as much confetti as you like across the table for an instant effect.

  • Centrepieces - Every great party table needs a centrepiece. Whether it's the cake (birthdays/weddings), candles or holly (Christmas) or teddy bears (children's birthday parties) - a centrepiece is a great way to create a main focus on your table. You can be creative when making your own centre piece, for example; if you are throwing a children's birthday party, you can include photos and some of their favourite toys. The sky really is the limit!

  • Table Linen - The linen that you use on your table can set the entire mood for a special occasion. Use tablecloths, runners and napkins to create a theme - as an example; for Christmas use greens and reds, or silvers and blues and for weddings, whites, pinks and pastel colours when combined with a lace finish can look very pretty. At children's birthday parties, you can really go wild, using bright and bold table linens.

  • Balloons - Balloons are not just for children's birthday parties - you can use them at virtually any occasion. They can be prefect party table decorations and are available in a wide range of colours and shapes. You can even get special balloons with messages and names written on them. If you're feeling especially creative, you can even have a go at balloon modelling (or even better, let your guests have a go at making their own!).

So, there are a wide range of party table decorations available today - your only limits are perhaps any budgets that you may have. However, they don't have to cost a fortune, as per the tips above, many party table decorations can be hand-made and you can usually re-use your decorations over and over again for different occasions.





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