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Wedding decorations

Weddings are a day of celebration for the two people in question and their family and friends. However, if you are in charge of arranging the wedding decorations, it can also be a busy and stressful time as well as a joyful occasion. Here a few suggestions for wedding decorations that can be used to make the day extra special;

  • Table Decorations
    Generally speaking, wedding receptions will use a number of tables - and each table will need to be adorned with wedding decorations. The table linen that you use can help to set the mood for a wedding. Whites, creams pinks and pastel colours can look very pretty on wedding tables, especially when they are combined with satin or lace trimmings. You can also scatter wedding-themed confetti on the table to add an extra special touch. Often the wedding cake will form the centre piece of a table - but you can also use candles and themed centre pieces.

  • Room Decorations
    Balloons are very popular wedding decorations - you can buy them in a range of colours to fit the colour scheme of the room. Tie ribbons to the end of the balloons for a pretty and traditional look. Flowers are naturally used a lot in weddings - not only in the church or registry office, but also in the reception area. Garlands can also be used around the room, or on the tables to provide a pretty finish.

  • Favours
    You can buy a wide range of small wedding favours (presents to be given to the guests by the bride and groom) - or you can easily make your own. A selection of wedding favour accessories can be purchased, including small boxes, netting and ribbons - you can then choose the contents yourself i.e. sweets or small ornaments.

You can use some of the ideas above to create very stunning and pretty wedding decorations. The task of arranging wedding decorations need not be too time consuming or stressful. You can also save a lot of money by making some of the decorations yourself - in particular some of the table decorations and favours.

As you start to plan your wedding decorations, you may find that you can use some of the materials i.e. ribbon for more than one purpose - for example; to make the wedding favours, tie the balloons and create table decorations. Imagination really is the key - so have fun with your wedding preparations!





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