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Christening decorations

Christenings are a very joyful occasion - usually there will be a short church service, followed by a christening party at a venue or at somebody's home. If you are in charge of the arrangements, here a few suggestions for christening decorations that can be used to make the day extra special for everyone involved;

Table Decorations
Whether you are having a sit down meal or a buffet, you will need to prepare your table and adorn it with christening decorations. Many people choose a specific theme i.e. pink for a girl and blue for a boy - or you may prefer to use neutral colours - it really is down to personal choice. You can buy special Christening confetti to scatter on the table, this is available in a number of cute shapes including angels, crosses and even tiny dummies! Use a large centrepiece to attract attention - this can be anything from a teddy bear christening cake to an arrangement of flowers.

Finally, choose the table linen that you intend to use, again, this can fit into the colour scheme or it can be plain - allowing the decorations to really stand out. You can even buy special plates and other dinnerware that is designed specifically for Christenings.

Room Decorations
Balloons are very popular Christening decorations - you can buy them in lots of colours and shapes - teddy bear shaped balloons are especially popular at christening functions. Tie ribbons to the balloons, then attach them to the tables or chairs for a pretty finishing touch. Also think about using garlands or flower displays to dress up the room.

In recent years, it has become a popular option to present gifts to the guests at a Christening. You can make small gift packages (similar to wedding favours) to give out to those who are attending. A range of supplies can be purchased from stationary or gift shops, allowing you to make your own gifts. Include a range of items, from sweets to tiny ornaments.

With a little forward planning, the sourcing of christening decorations should not be a difficult task. You can make a lot of the decorations yourself - this will potentially save you a lot of money. It can also be a very fun and creative process - so why don't you get the kids involved too? Hand-made gifts and Christening decorations can help to make the day extra special.





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