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Installing an electric shower

I don't know when the handyman site was put up, but installing a shower would no longer be considered a suitable job for a home handyman under the new IEE Wiring regulations - so I've written the following?

In the past, installing an electric shower was considered a job suitable for a home handyman. However, under the new IEE Wiring regulations, only minor electrical works are permitted - for example the addition of a lighting point, or adding a socket to an existing circuit.

Any job involving electricity in areas where there is also water (e.g. bathroom or kitchen) must be carried out by someone with a suitable level of competency. In this case competency means a full, qualified knowledge of electrical installations. You will need to have the ability to thoroughly check a circuit for safety and to issue a minor works certificate as a self certified "competent person".

Any electrical installation of this kind will require that the completed job is tested by a fully qualified electrician who will issue a minor works certificate. Failure to do this may render your house insurance invalid, and could cause problems when you come to sell your house.

It is thus no longer within the remit of a site such as this to advise you on installing an electric shower in your home.



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