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How to plumb in a washing machine

Most competent DIY enthusiasts will be able to plumb in a washing machine or dishwasher rather than paying the appliance company to install it.

Unless you are re-fitting your kitchen you will usually have no choice where you place the washing machine or dishwasher - it will go where the old one went!

The pipes should thus be conveniently located. Key points to remember include:

  • For a washing machine you will need both a hot and cold supply
  • A dishwasher only needs a cold only supply (it heats its own water)
  • You will also need a nearby electrical socket to connect your appliance to the mains supply
  • You will also need a convenient way to connect to the waste outlet

The correct hoses should be supplied with your new appliance, and are even conveniently marked with red connectors for hot water and blue for cold water.

It is also important that your appliance is level - this is particularly crucial with washing machines. You will find screw-in type adjustable feet beneath your appliance - use these and a sprit level to get the appliance level.

If no appliance has been previously located where you want to put your new dishwasher, you will need to use a professional to ensure that the correct pipes and electrical sockets are in place.

The new IEE Wiring Regulations state that any job involving electricity in areas where there is also water (e.g. bathroom or kitchen) must be carried out by someone with a suitable level of competency, who will also will issue a minor works certificate. Failure to do this may render your house insurance invalid, and could cause problems when you come to sell your house.



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