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Plumbing Problems

The majority of small plumbing problems can easily be rectified by anyone with basic plumbing knowledge. Of course, there will be some cases where it's best to call in a professional plumber to deal with your plumbing problems, but some small jobs you may be able to fix yourself.

Following are a few of the most commonly encountered plumbing problems in the home and some of their causes (please note: this list is not exhaustive, and if you are unsure, you should enlist the services of a qualified plumber):

Common toilet-related plumbing issues

Noisy toilet - loud or abnormal sounds after flushing
Common Diagnosis - damaged fill valve

Running toilet - continuous water running
Common Diagnosis - defective flapper

Offensive toilet odour - a strong sewage-like smell
Common Diagnosis - burst pipe, defective wax ring, insufficient water

Clogging toilet - slow or no drainage, improper/no flushing, flooding
Common Diagnosis - a build up of waste/tissue paper in pipes

Poor/incorrect flushing - toilet will not flush completely
Common Diagnosis - ball cock is set too high or too low

Common shower-related plumbing issues

Clogged shower head - water flow is limited or jets out
Common Diagnosis - accumulation of debris/deposits in shower head

Leaking shower - puddles of water found around shower/enclosure
Common Diagnosis - a worn or damaged shower part

Temperature variable - sudden bursts of cold water
Common Diagnosis - clogged/rusty pipes, closed/swollen hot water valve

Common bath-related plumbing issues

Bad odours - sewage-like smell from the drain pipe
Common Diagnosis -broken or leaky tap

Blocked drain - no or very slow drainage from bath
Common Diagnosis - accumulation of hair, soap, fat etc. in pipe

Common kitchen-related plumbing issues

Pressure problem - water pressure is low, temperature fluctuates
Common Diagnosis - damaged aerators, rotting pipes, defective parts

Clogged sink - no or slow drainage from the sink
Common Diagnosis - rusty drainpipes, accumulation of debris in drain

Common water heating-related plumbing issues

No/low hot water supply - hot water runs out
Common Diagnosis - sediment build-up in tank, defective dip tube

Water leaks - leaks in or around the boiler
Common Diagnosis - accumulation of build-up in tank, faulty drain valve

Noisy boiler - boiler makes unusually loud noises
Common Diagnosis - sediment build-up in tank, defective plumbing parts

Common pipe-related plumbing issues

Whistling pipes - a whistling sound as an appliance is turned on
Common Diagnosis - sediment build-up in pipe, defective valve

Rattling pipes - a rattling sound as pipe vibrates against solid matter
Common Diagnosis - Loose pipe, cushioning/padding is required

Creaking pipes - a creaking sound as pipe vibrates against solid matter
Common Diagnosis - Limited pipe space, cushioning/padding is required

Burst pipes - Flooding or major leaks in the home
Common Diagnosis - Frozen or burst pipe



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