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Wind Turbines

Wind is a popular form of renewable energy which may people are able to set up themselves and take advantage of the high levels of wind which are common the UK.

Wind turbines are operated by the wind and the turning of the blades. The turning blades then power a generator which produces electricity to be used in the home as an alternative to normal electricity. If too much electricity is produced by the wind turbine the excess energy can be stored on batteries for use on relatively calmer days or sold to the National Grid. Not only does this save people money on their energy bills it gives many the opportunity to profit from their wind turbine.

A wind turbine is suitable for your home if you are not in a built up area and your frequently experience winds between 5 and 60mph.

Wind energy is a renewable fuel which is one of the alternatives to fossil fuels which we should be aiming to use as much as possible. The cost of a wind turbine can start at ?1000 and after the turbine has been set up there is very little maintenance needed to keep the wind turbine running.





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