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Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular feature to the roof of a home. Solar panels are installed on a roof and turns solar energy from the sun into electricity to use in the home. Any excess energy that is produced and not used can then be sold back to the National Grid so not only are your energy bills reduced you can profit from your installation.

Solar panels and energy have lots of benefits which you should look at if you are thinking of getting solar panels installed on your roof.

Many people believe that they will only be able to produce energy on a hot sunny day, this is not the case energy can be produced in light and cloudy conditions even if there is no direct sunlight.

Due to the reduction in fossil fuels we now need to look at renewable fuel options; solar energy is one of these options which is easy to set up and maintain. Renewable fuels can cut your carbon footprint and your energy bills giving you the opportunity to be environmentally friendly as well as saving money!

As long as your house isn't listed and/or not in a protected conservation zone then you should not need planning permission to install solar panels to your home.

Although the initial outlay for solar panels can seem large, it will be a huge investment for the future. There are also now grants available to install solar panels.





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