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Cavity Wall Insulation

Houses, since the 1920s have been built with a cavity between the inside and outside wall. Protecting heat from escaping from your home by installing cavity wall insulation can make your house warmer and reduce the cost of your heating bills as you will no longer be paying for heat which escapes outside!

Cavity wall insulation is a simple process that needs to be completed by a professional but is very effective at keeping your house warm and saving you money. Filling in the cavity in your walls with insulation material will stop the hot air going through the walls and escaping outside, 1/3 of a home's heat is typically lost in this way.

Cavity wall insulation involves drilling small holes in the outside of your home and filling the cavity between the two walls with insulation. On average the process will take around two hours depending on the size of your house and is relatively straight-forward but should only be completed by a registered professional. The cost of installation only takes approximately two years to be paid back from the reductions in your heating bills. Cavity wall insulation has the added bonus of making your home environmentally friendly and you should consider using this with other methods of home insulation.





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