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Bedroom decor

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms - and yet they can be overlooked when we are decorating our homes, as we concentrate on our living rooms, kitchens and other 'main' rooms. However, bedroom d?cor is just as important as anywhere else in the home - and with a little time and patience, you will be able to combine stunning bedroom d?cor with comfort and elements of practicality.

Most bedrooms will have a standard set of furniture i.e. a bed, wardrobes, a chest of drawers, a vanity/dressing table and any additional storage furniture items. Often, it's not the furniture that defines the 'feel' of a bedroom, but rather the bedroom d?cor that is used. A simple print on the wall or a stunning pair of curtains can literally transform a bedroom.

When we are discussing bedroom d?cor we shouldn't forget the walls. The majority of modern bedroom designs do tend to use wallpaper, but if you prefer a cleaner minimal-fuss look, neutral paints can work equally as well. A large print above the bed can be used to add colour to a room - as can a scattering of small statement cushions on the bed.

Then there's the bedding itself - perhaps the key component in any bedrooms d?cor. Ideally, the bedding should match its surroundings, but it doesn't have to be plain and boring, or a perfect match. Floral prints are consistently popular, as are more basic patterns and designs. By simply changing your bedspread you can instantly update a tired looking bedroom.

Some people like to match their bedding to the curtains - this really is down to personal preference. If you don't like to have an exact match, try picking out one or two key colours to use in all of your soft furnishings instead. This can be a cost-effective way to decorate your room as well - if the bedding needs replacing, you can do so without having to purchase new curtains every time.

Carpets are very popular for bedroom floors, due to their comfortable nature. A plush carpet can look stunning when it is combined with matching cushions. Alternatively, you may like the simple look provided by laminate flooring - if so, you can always use a statement rug to add an element of comfort and a touch of colour to the room. Most importantly, try to have fun with your bedroom d?cor - it's a way to express your individuality and personal design preferences.





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