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Kitchen decor

As a collective, we are now spending more time than ever before in our kitchens. They are not just simply a place for us to cook, but also an area for us to socialize in and entertain our guests. Because we now use our kitchens so much, kitchen d?cor is becoming increasingly more important. Whether you prefer traditional country kitchen designs or modern decorations - you will find kitchen d?cor items to suit your individual lifestyle and preferences.

When you are decorating your kitchen, layout is very important. It's OK to have a number of wall hangings and small ornaments in the kitchen, as long as they don't get in the way of everyday tasks i.e. cooking and cleaning. A kitchen that is packed full of decorations may look great - but you also need adequate space to move around on a daily basis (especially in a multi-occupant household).

Retro kitchen d?cor items are very much back in style in recent years. From large traditional Aga ovens to old-fashioned biscuit barrels and tea towels, pastel colours and cute patterns are very popular again. You can even purchase plates, mugs, chopping boards, storage canisters and a variety of utensils to match a retro kitchen theme. If you prefer the sleeker look of a modern kitchen, black, grey and chrome are also very popular colour schemes. Silver utensils and storage pots work very well with grey or black counter tops. Alternatively, you can buy matching electrical goods in virtually any colour - from standard silver and black to brighter reds and greens. This can be a great way to add splashes of colour to an otherwise plain kitchen.

Wood is also becoming very popular in the kitchen again - with tones of ash, beech and walnut commonly being used in new kitchen unit and counter sets. Many of these newer designs now incorporate a modern, sleek look with the practicality that you need in a kitchen i.e. plenty of storage cupboards and drawers for your cutlery and utensils. Of course, there's no reason for you to stick rigidly to one particular era of kitchen design. If you prefer, you can add a number of influences to your kitchen d?cor. For example; you could combine basic, modern cupboards and a worktop with a few traditional or retro electrical items. It really is down to personal choice and what works best for you and your family.





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