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Bathroom decor

When we are discussing interior decoration or the decorating of individual rooms, the bathroom is rarely mentioned. Perhaps this is a little strange, seeing that we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms - and that they're one of the rooms that the majority of our visitors will see. In fact, bathroom decor is just as important as the d?cor we use in the rest of our homes.

Clearly, practicality is a very important aspect when we are addressing our bathroom d?cor. The ongoing presence of water from showers, sinks and baths means that any flooring and wall decorations for bathrooms must be chosen carefully. Although carpets can look lovely in bathrooms, they may not be the most durable option. To this end, many people opt to use ceramic tiling or laminate flooring on their bathroom floors.

Tiles are also a common feature on many bathroom walls - they are durable, waterproof and fairly easy to clean on a regular basis. Home-made tiles can look very effective and will create a unique look for your bathroom. Alternatively, you can use a washable paint on the majority of the walls and tiling around the key features i.e. the bath, toilet and sink.

Ornaments and wall hangings can also be used in bathrooms. Obviously, soft furnishings are not generally recommended in any areas that are regularly exposed to water as they are likely to get wet and grow mould. However, small ornaments and prints can look great as part of an overall colour scheme.

Small touches can make a huge difference to your bathroom d?cor. Bath mats, patterned shower curtains and even designer toilet seats can be purchased to add a unique twist to any bathroom. Colour coordinated towels and matching bathroom utensils (i.e. toothbrush holders, soap holders and mugs) can also be found at very reasonable prices.

Lighting is also important - safety will obviously restrict the kind of fitting that you can use in your bathroom (electricity and water are definitely not a good mix) - but there are a number of stunning lighting options now available that have been specifically designed for the bathroom.

Finally, consider your bathroom furniture. Most bathrooms will have a medicine/storage cabinet on the wall. You can revitalise an old cabinet simply by adding a decorative handle or repainting the unit. Even laundry baskets and bins can be co-ordinated to fit in with the overall look.





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