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Dining room decor

When you are planning your dining room d?cor, you will need to take into consideration the size and dimensions of the room. Larger dining rooms are perhaps more suitable for very dramatic designs - i.e. larger statement furniture pieces and lighting installations, whereas subtle d?cor may be more suitable for smaller rooms. Following are two of the most popular dining room d?cor options:

Very modern dining room d?cor i.e. clean lines and glossy surfaces can help to create a feeling of luxury. Silk and velvet fabrics can be added to make the area feel very comfortable, while still looking stunning. Modern lighting can be installed to set the mood - you can even think about using coloured lighting effects.

Traditional & formal
If you entertain guests frequently i.e. by throwing formal dinner parties and hosting large holiday meals, traditional d?cor dining room can be perfect. Generally speaking, traditional dining rooms need to be slightly larger, as a wide range of accessories will be used for entertaining. Traditional dining rooms do not have to be boring - you can mix formal linens with dramatic wall colours to great effect.

As with the decoration of any other room in the home, you will need to consider a number of key aspects when you are planning your dining room d?cor. Firstly, think about the furniture that you plan to use in the room - and how you plan to position it. The majority of dining rooms will have large tables and a number of chairs, but you may also have smaller side/serving tables and freestanding decorations - the trick is to find the best locations for your furniture, while allowing enough room for people to move around easily.

Next, think about the flooring you would like to use. In recent years, more people are opting for laminate or tiled flooring for their dining rooms. Certainly, both options can be practical and easy to clean. Alternatively, if you choose carpet, consider the amount of traffic that you are likely to experience in your dining room - you may need a hard wearing pile. The walls can be painted or papered - it's really down to personal preference. Washable wallpaper can be a great option, allowing for easy spot cleaning of stains.

Finally the fun part - choosing the decorations. From table linens to seat covers and wall prints to candles - the options are endless. To get the best possible end result, it may be a good idea to create a theme with your dining room d?cor i.e. choose a colour palette of browns and reds, or pinks and purples and keep the theme consistent throughout the room.





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