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Hall decor

Many people think of halls as simply pathways between living spaces, but with the right hall d?cor, they can form an integral part of the home. Rather than seeing a hallway as a route to get from one room to another, think of it as a space in which to display your treasured items. Generally speaking - the hall will be one of the first areas that your visitors see, so make the most of the area and add vibrancy and uniqueness to your home with hall d?cor.

Hall d?cor can comprise of a number of decorative objects, for example: family portraits, photos from recent holidays, paintings, prints, ornaments, wall hangings and even shelving or small items of furniture. To get the best possible result from your hall d?cor, it's a great idea to tie all of your items into a common theme, using matching colours, a key theme, different types of material or even shapes to unify the area.

By grouping ornaments or wall hangings into sets, you can easily create a stunning and eye-pleasing display area in your hall. If your hall area is wide enough, think about installing shelves - this can be a great way to group together and display your trinkets and collectables. However, if possible, avoid using large amounts of decorations - if you have too many on display, a hallway can start to look a little cluttered.

The colour that you choose for your hallway will largely depend on the style of your home and the d?cor that you have in other rooms. Many people prefer to keep their hallways neutral - using whites, beiges, soft browns and creams, whereas others prefer to paint their hallways in a statement colour - it's really down to personal preference. As a guideline, if you have a small hallway, it's best to stick to pale shades - darker shades can make the area look even smaller. Alternatively, you can wallpaper your hallway, or use a border, allowing you to wallpaper the top and paint the bottom.

Lighting can be very important to your hall d?cor too - if your hallway is light restricted, the placement of a light fitting or spot lights can make a lot of difference. Equally, if you use a slightly warmer shade on your walls (i.e. yellow tones) - you can create the illusion of light. With a little planning, anyone can create a warm and inviting hall area.





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