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Hiring a skip

Did you know that if you're hiring a skip, there's certain rules and regulations that you will hav eto follow. From needing a skip permit in order to leave the skip on the roadside (including pavements, roads and the highways themselves).

When hiring a skip you need to ensure first that the permit you get it fully up to date and actually covers the types of waste you are getting rid of - for example you cannot get rid of asbestos in a normal landfill skip!

What actually requires a permit?

Please check that if you are ordering/hiring any of th efolowing, that you have a permit :

  • skip bags (hippo bags etc.)
  • building materials
  • skips

How do you apply for a skip permit?

Check with the skip hire company and if they can't do it for you - then you will have to contact the local council yourself. Rest assured, most council do allow the skip company to make the application - it's not that difficult if they don't.

Generally speaking, permits are valid from 1 day to 3 or 4 weeks at a time. Usually you can then renew them though. Just make sure you have the permit before you take delivery or have the skip put in place. If you don't the council can literally impound the skip/building materials etc. with no notice.

Please also check exactly where you can place the skip/building materials - do not assume it's anywhere you like!

If you are lucky enough to be able to put the skip entirely on your own land, then you will not need a skip permit you lucky thing!





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