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Erecting a Greenhouse

It may seem like a daunting task, but erecting a greenhouse can be relatively straight-forward with a few helpful tips. Although the majority of the work can be undertaken alone, it is advisable to get some help when preparing the ground and lifting any heavy supplies. Following are the basic instructions you will need for erecting a greenhouse, split into 3 stages - ground preparation, erecting a greenhouse structure and installing the glazing.

Ground preparation

This is the first stage of erecting a greenhouse and it is arguably the most important. If you fail to prepare your ground correctly, it could have a disastrous effect on the final structure.

  • First, you need to mark out the intended position of the greenhouse using string. To ensure that the corners are at right angles, use a builder's square. Tip: It may be a good idea to get an experts advice, if you are unsure as to the best location for a greenhouse.

  • Next, dig holes in the corners of the marked area for the anchors. The anchors will be used to secure the greenhouse in position.

  • Attach/bolt the base sections of the greenhouse together and lay them in position. Use a builder's square to ensure that the base is square and level. Fix the anchors into the base frame.

  • Now it's time to mix the concrete. Use a dry mix of 1 part cement, 2 parts sand and 4 parts coarse aggregate.

  • Pour concrete into the holes and sink in the anchors - until the base is level with the ground. Use a builder's square to check again that the base is square and level.

Erecting a greenhouse structure

It's important not to over-tighten the bolts when you are building a greenhouse, as slight adjustments may be needed as you work along.

  • Lay out the sections for the ends of the greenhouse on the ground and attach them using bolts.

  • Next, lay out the sections for the sides of the greenhouse and attach them using bolts.

  • Lift a side section and the back of the greenhouse onto the frame. Bolt the 2 sections together ensuring that the corner is square.

  • Bolt the front section and the other side section to the section you have just created. At this point, the end and side sections can be bolted into place.

  • Attach the central ridge bar for the greenhouse roof and fix the roof bars, between the sides of the greenhouse and the ridge bar.

Installing the glazing

Finally, you will need to attach the glazing to the greenhouse.

  • Attach rubber glazing strips into the channels in the glazing bar to protect the glass/plastic panes.

  • Fix the roof panes into position, followed by the glazing to the front, back and sides of the greenhouse.

  • Assemble and hang the greenhouse door, ensuring that the door opens and closes smoothly. Then fit the glass/plastic pane into the door.

  • Finally, tighten up the bolts all around the greenhouse.




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