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How to use a skip legally

So how to use a skip when you hire it. Sound daft to you? But do you know what you can and can't put into a skip? WHether you choose cheap skpi hire or not, there are certain things you need to know.

For obvious reasons there are some quite strict regulation on what can and what can't be put in skips whn you hire them. Also there's no point trying to bury anything at the bottom as companies are legally bound to check what they are disposing of - and they will kow where it's come from.

So the strict regulations that actually tell what you can and can't dispose of include some watse that will incur landfill tax. You will need to talk to the skip hire company you choose about exactly what kind of waste / rubbish you wish to dispose of so that a. you know any related costs up-front and b. so you don't include illegal substances in the waste.

All reputable companies will conform with local and national legislation on what they can and can;t handle with their waste disposal. So you shoudl check they are registered with the local council and that your waste will be disposed of legally.

There are some materials that cannot be disposed of using a standard skip - please check the lists we have prepared below - they are not exhaustive :

The types of contents you are allowed :

  • Soil
  • Hardcore
  • Builders Rubble
  • Builders Waste
  • General Rubbish
  • Household Waste
  • Wood

What's prohibited / not allowed

  • Some Household Appliances - eg Fridges
  • Any Asbestos waste - this is illegal
  • Liquids (oils or chemicals)




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