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Brickwork Tools

A number of brickwork tools can be purchased for a wide range of building, repair and replacement tasks. Following are descriptions of the most commonly used brickwork tools;

- Brick Trowel
Available in a number of sizes and shapes - from around ten to fourteen inches. One side of a brick trowel is rounded for rough cutting purposes. The blade size and width will differ somewhat, it is recommended that DIY novices start by using a slightly narrower brick trowel, as they are slightly easier to control.

- Pointing Trowel
Similar to a brick trowel, but slightly smaller and both of the edges are straight. This pointing trowel can be used for a number of pointing jobs and for brickwork finishing tasks.

- Lump/Club Hammer
This brickwork tool can be used in conjunction with a cold chisel or bolster. It is important to check that the hammer head is secure prior to use and that eye protection goggles are worn to prevent contact with dust and fragments.

- Bolster
A bolster is used for the cutting of bricks. Eye protection goggles should be worn when using a bolster to prevent contact with dust and fragments.

- Cold Chisel
The cold chisel is very similar to a bolster, but it has a slightly smaller blade. Cold chisels are often used for the cutting of brickwork once it has been laid. As with a bolster, eye protection goggles should be worn when using this tool.

- Spirit Level
An essential piece of kit for bricklayers - the spirit level is used to check the positioning of brickwork as it is laid - both level (horizontal) and plumb (vertical). Available in a number of sizes - from around 900 - 1200 millimetres in length. Spirit levels are available in wood or metal - the metal version being much easier to clean between uses. 'Boat levels' can also be purchased, this tool is similar to the spirit level, but much smaller for more detailed or smaller work.

- Brick Hammer & Comb Hammer
These tools can be used for a number of tasks, including the tidying of edges. Again, eye protection goggles should be worn when using brick or comb hammers.

- Jointing Tools
A variety of jointing tools, in varying sizes are available to finish a brickwork job and ensure that the jointing is smooth and stable.

- Gauge Rod
A length of timber with the vertical spacing of the bricks marked along one edge. This is used when working from both ends of a wall - to ensure that courses are equal. An inexpensive tool, this can be made at home.



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