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Bricklaying Courses

There's no doubt that bricklaying is a skill that is often perfected over time and with a lot of practice. Very few people can get a great result without some brick laying experience and a few expert tips. For any DIY enthusiasts planning their own building projects, it can be a great idea to attend a bricklaying course before commencing with any works. This can help to ensure that the correct methods are used and that guidance is received re: tips and tools of the trade.

So, how do you go about finding a great bricklaying course? There are certainly a lot of them out there - perhaps due to the fact that more of us are now taking on our own home DIY projects. Bricklaying courses are available in a number of formats - from short, intensive courses to longer term learning experiences as part of another qualification. Many people will opt for a number of related courses to build on their overall knowledge base.

The content of bricklaying courses can differ depending on the tutor, programme and the location of the course. However, you can generally expect to receive training on the following areas of brick laying;

  • Understanding the correct tools to use and how to use them correctly
  • General safety precautions required when brick laying
  • How to correctly mix mortar (i.e. products/ratios/consistency)
  • The basics of bricklaying gauge, level, plumb and range
  • Calculating and using measurments
  • How to spread out and roll mortar
  • How to build various different corners with bricks
  • How to set out your project and work to sepcific measurements
  • How to set out large lengths of brickwork using dead men corners
  • How to build a conservatory base
  • How to build walls (with an without double skin)
  • Learn various different methods of pointing
  • How to introduce a damp proof course into the brick work
  • How to introduce lintels and vents into the brickwork

If you decided to go for an intensive level bricklaying course, once completed, you will have the skills needed to build straight level and structurally sound brickwork. This you will enable you to complete any home DIY projects that need brickwork such as garden walls, ponds, small outbuildings or extensions etc. A bricklaying course is definitely a positive step for a DIY enthusiast wanting to take their skillset to the next level.



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