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Colour schemes for your house and home

Colour. It can make or break your room decor. In order to find the right colour for your home, use our hints and tips to make sure you achieve the look to want time and time again.

Splash a little bit of colour on white
White and natural wall colour schemes give a room a classic and clean look. But in order to lift the room add some splashes of colour in the shape of room accessories - curtains, sofas, lamps, rugs etc.

Colour balance
Balance bold colours with lighter shades in your room decor. Bold coloured walls, red, blue etc with pale carpets, sofas and other major room accessories is an ideal way to decorate a living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Online tasters using online colour palates
Use a web site like to play around with colour schemes before stepping into a DIY store. You can choose a room (living room, bathroom, bedroom etc) and try out colour schemes using shades of red, blue, brown, cream and many more from the Dulux interactive colour palette.

Enlarge your room
Use cool colours like soft lilac, green or cool blue to give the appearance of having a larger room. Because of this cool colours are the ideal choice for smaller rooms like box bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms and more.

Beneath your feet
Adding colour and design to your carpet or floor is a great way to turn a dull room into a room full of colour and life. Whether it's a carpet or rug and a wooden floor, choose colours and patterns that are both bold and original. If this is your chosen way to add colour and texture to your room, make sure that the walls are painted or decorated in soft neutral colours. Otherwise the effect may be too overpowering, which in turn would reduce the impact of the idea.

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