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Summer fresh

To add some colour and sunshine to your home this summer House Professionals have come up with 10 seasonal ideas to improve your home.

1. Summer sunlight
To make the most of the summer sunlight and allow as much as possible to pour into your room, clean your windows inside and out with vinegar and newspaper.

2. Curtain call
Change heavy winter curtains for lighter fabric materials, such as linen or cotton.

3. Clever lighting
As the days get longer we rely less and less on artificial light. So, for the most atmospheric lighting effects place candles in your living room and other major rooms.

4. Summer colour schemes
Buy new cushions and curtains in vivid shades of red, blues and greens etc. These colours will transform any room and perk up both your home and mood throughout the long, hot summer months.

5. Summer blooms
Placing flowers in any room at any time of the year is always a great way to add vivid colour and a touch of sunshine to your home. Choose summer flowers, such as daisies, sun flowers etc.

6. Create the perfect garden
Buy seasonal plants and flowers as well as a selection of exterior lighting. Next arrange your garden to create a little seasonal haven literally in your back yard!

Then invite your friends and family round for a BBQ or two over the light summer nights.

7. Rug swap
Swap heavy dark rugs for cheerful cotton rugs to really spice up your living room and bedroom.

8. Clear the clutter
During the winter months a little room clutter can create a comforting and friendly atmosphere. But during the summer months the radiant sunshine can make clutter look just that, clutter.

Instead arrange your rooms into minimalist shrines that will trap the light, creating a sun-kissed living environment.

9. Give wood a lick of paint
Dark wood makes a room feel wintery. So get out the pale and neutral paint and give dark wooden furniture the once over.

10. Home and away
It's summer! So spend as little time as possible indoors. Book a holiday. Visit friends. Go to the local park. Do anything that that means you see more of the good weather (while it lasts) than you do of your four walls.

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