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Central heating servicing

From time to time, every central heating system will need servicing to ensure that the boiler, radiators and connected pipes are working optimally and that your system adheres to current safety standards - to this end, you will need a central heating servicing company. It is generally recommended by experts that you get a boiler system serviced at least once a year.

A number of companies now offer a range of central heating servicing plans. Some of these companies can provide you with the opportunity to take out central heating cover - whereby you pay a set amount each month to cover yourself for any system checks and repairs that are required in the future. If you decide to take out cover for your boiler/central heating system, always check the terms and conditions carefully, as they will differ depending on the type of system that you have and the company that you use. You may find that certain parts or repairs are not covered as standard in plans, so it's always worth reading the terms fully before you sign up.

Alternatively, you can employ the services of an independent qualified engineer to perform your central heating servicing. If you do this, always make sure that they have the relevant qualifications needed to undertake the job legally i.e. the CORGI standard. Also confirm their charges before you book them for the job - servicing prices differ widely depending on the individual or company.

So, what can you expect from a central heating servicing? Ideally, you should pay a fixed fee for any parts and labour and usually you will get a guarantee on any workmanship, including parts. The engineer should perform a full diagnostic and safety check on your boiler and, depending on the service you pay for, will check your radiators and pipe work for any obvious signs of faults or damage.

If you have any questions about the central heating servicing process, it is important to ask the engineer - if they are experienced and qualified, they will be more than happy to address any queries that you have. Also check that they complete the correct paperwork - as well as a receipt, you should receive a document detailing the servicing and any findings by the engineer.

The process of getting a central heating system serviced should not be a lengthy one. Generally speaking, qualified engineers can undertake the task in less than an hour - unless any obvious problems are found, in which case they may need to order in parts and return at a later date to complete any repairs that are required.



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