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Mortgage guide: Mortgage glossary

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main residence
- the normal place of residence, see also: holiday home and second home.

maintenance payments
- money either paid or received under a court order in respect of a previous partner or child.

- property comprising more than one separate dwelling; used to describe a flat which extends over more than one floor or a flat which, despite there being other units in the building, has its own entrance at street level.

- loan secured by land.

mortgage deed
- legal document establishing a loan on property.

mortgage subsidy
- a payment made by an employer to subsidise the cost of interest payments on a home loan. The amount and extent of the subsidy will vary from employer to employer and these can be calculated in a variety of different ways. It is advisable to seek a specific statement from your employer on the operation of the arrangement.

mortgage term
- length of time before the mortgage loan must be repaid.

- Mortgage Payment Insurance - Insurance cover to protect your mortgage payments.

- an abbreviation for mortgage(s)

multipliers (income)
- factor applied to a prospective borrower's income to calculate how much can be borrowed. See submenu

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