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Home staging: Showing around potential buyers

The average buyer spends less than 15 minutes viewing a home, so every minute you spend with them is critical. The right attitude can make or break a sale, so make your buyer feel at ease.

6 helpful tips to help buyers enjoy a viewing
It goes without saying that you must present your home immaculately, and that buyers must understand the function of every room. But there is much more that you can do to help them enjoy viewing your home.

1. Never turn down a viewing, when a buyer asks to come round at 7am in the morning there's a very good reason for it, if you're the only person he wants to visit that agrees to a 7am visit, you'll be the one who sells.

2. There's nothing more frustrating than arriving at a property and having nowhere to park, so be prepared to give up your parking space or supply parking permits for your road.

3. Make sure you're well dressed for your viewing, you don't have to go over the top, but making an effort will show buyers you are serious about selling.

4. Always be polite and friendly, even at an awkward time, ask them if they want to be shown around or wander at will, and be on hand to answer any questions. But never bore them, the last thing they want to listen to is you harping on about your light switches, airing cupboards and combi-boilers.

5. Know the information about your home. With the new home buyer packs about to become a legal requirement, it would be a great idea to have a small home buyer pack ready for your viewers to check with information about when the wiring was changed, the central heating put in and the boiler was last serviced. If you live in an old house, know your history, buyers love it.

6. And last but not least, people feel uncomfortable about second and third viewings, so always make them feel they can come back whenever they want. If they like you, they'll like your house.



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