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Home staging: Selling problems and how to avoid them

When they are confronted with a bit issue like subsidence, dry rot, or woodworm, buyers either run or negotiate hard, because structural problems like these could carry a heavy price tag.

If you lack the time and money to get the work done, then get an estimate to show the buyers the actual cost of repairs, its better than loosing a sale or accepting a really low offer.

Ugly extensions
Ugly extensions are another big problem, so help buyers visualise how they could be improved. Get plans drawn up by an architect. It should cost about £600.

Retrospective planning approval
If you've made alterations to your property without the necessary building approvals, talk to a planning or building officer to get retrospective planning consent or building regulations. You might think it's hassle, but it give buyers trust and can help you get that sale.

If the location of your property is poor, there are tricks you can use to disguise it. For example, if your garden is overlooked, put up a fence or hedge to make it more private and obscure ugly views from your windows with blinds.

If you live on a noisy road, make a haven of your garden to draw away attention to the traffic at the front. I recommend shutting all windows and doors during viewings especially if you live on a noisy road or under a flight path. with a bit of luck, buyers won't even notice.

Location location location
Poor location is the biggest problem when you're selling your house, because there is nothing you can do to improve it, so it then becomes a matter of perception, and which buyers you target.

Families won't buy properties above shops or next door to pubs, but younger buyers might, so market your home to them. Even a house near an industrial park should not be a problem if you can convince buyers it is not the reason you are moving. Business restrictions and opening hours are usually really strict anyway, so point this out to buyers when they visit.

What's around your property?
If you've got an electricity sub-station or mobile phone mast near your property, then research radiation levels to reassure buyers that there is no real heath risk - BUT ONLY TELL THEM THIS IF THEY ASK, AS THEY MIGHT NOT THINK IT'S AN ISSUE.

Be positive
The golden rule of selling is never draw attention to any negatives, let your buyer fall in love with the house first then get down to details later, and if buyers ask, be prepared to answer positively and honestly. After all, you've been happy living there haven't you?





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