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Home staging: Clearing the clutter

It's amazing the amount of things we accumulate in our lives that we really don't need. Clutter can take many forms and mean different things to different people. Remember: Material things are only useful if they are serving you. If you are serving them, they are a nuisance and you are a slave!

Don't get carried away
When de-cluttering, do not get carried away. I have been to homes that have de-cluttered so much the house looks bare and un-lived in.

Elimate 'personal' belongings
Leave out the right type of things - eliminate personal, religious, or items of a sexual nature. You only want to show things that do not create a reaction, and pack away everything else to show off in your new home.

One room at a time
Start by doing one room at a time, using the four-box method:

1. Rubbish
2. Storage
3. Selling
4. Charity

1. Rubbish is obvious, if it is broken or you do not love it or need it - bin it! I would use a black bin bag for this, rather than a box, as this will enable you to throw it straight out rather than tempting you to check through again.

2. If you have something that you love and want to keep, but you know will not look good in your newly staged property, pack it away carefully and put into storage.

3. If you no longer want something, but think it can be useful to someone else, why not give it to charity or,

4. Sell it at a car boot sale or on ebay or just advertise it in your local corner shop or paper. You never know, you might even make some money!

Put in on the book shelf!
Books can be a major source of clutter. Lots of us buy a book, read it, and then store it on a bookcase, never to be read again. Why not recycle these books at a book exchange, or give them to a local hospital. You not only clear your clutter, but get a good feeling while doing it too!

Clashing patterns
Believe it or not, pattern can also be a source of clutter. Have you ever visited someone and had the feeling that your head is swimming, or you come out with a headache every time you go round? Too much pattern does not allow the eyes to rest as there is no focal point. They work overtime trying to take in all the different things that they are being shown. The patterns clash - stripy curtains, floral sofas, swirly carpets, it can all become just too much for some people. By neutralising and removing patterns from your rooms, you will create a much more harmonious feel without alienating your prospective buyers.





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