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Buying property tips: Making an offer

Always make your offer to the estate agent and not the homeowner. The estate agent has an obligation to check that you're able to go ahead. They'll check your details, for example your name, address etc, establish whether you're a first-time buyer, and whether your own property is sold, under offer or on the market.

The agent will ask you if you have sorted out a mortgage. He will then put the offer forward to the homeowner and should confirm it in writing within 24 hours. The agent may tell you what amount he thinks the owner is looking for or if he thinks your offer will be declined.

The agent is obliged to put all offers in writing unless the owner has instructed them in writing to reject offers below a specific amount.

What you can expect to pay on top of your purchase price
Buying a home is not simply the price you pay. If you don't budget for these extra costs, you will find it difficult to enjoy your new home. And you certainly won't be able to afford a social life!

An overall guide is around two percent for homes up to £250,000. For example:

Estate agency fees: at 1.5 percent on a £100,000 home will be around £1,500. (only if you are selling)
Removals: the average cost of removals for a three-bedroomed semi-detached house in England or Wales is just under £400.
Legal fees: for a £150,000 home this could be almost £1,000.

A checklist for working out your likely costs

For buyers:

Holding deposit. (not always necessary)
Legal fees.
Stamp duty (if over £60,000).
Full deposit.
Surveyor's fees.
Local authority search fees.
Removal and insurance costs.
Mortgage set up charges.
Buildings insurance.

For sellers:

Legal fees.
Estate Agents fees.
Removal costs.

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