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Buying property tips: Choosing a property

Having located the area in which you would like to live, decided on the type of property you'd like to buy and found out how much you can borrow, you can now begin the joys of house hunting.

Key Point: Budget Control
Remember to stick to your budget at all times, it can be very tempting to offer over the odds for a property but don't submit an offer over and above your financial means.

Your requirements
We recommend you simplify your search by deciding beforehand what type of new home you want to buy. The options are endless with choices in style, age, location, local amenities and specialised adaptations. Take some time to consider whether you want:

A detached house, town house, bungalow, apartment or retirement home
One, two, three, four or more bedrooms
A separate dining room or an eating area in the kitchen
A garage or parking space
A garden
Off road parking
Good local amenities
Choice of local schools
Excellent transport links

With the added living options of retirement living, accessible living or moving into a newly built property it is worth noting down your main 'must haves'. There are benefits to choosing any type of property but Choice Home have listed a few to consider in each category of build:

New Builds

Have access and fixtures designed with the needs of the elderly and disabled in mind
Are energy-efficient
Are fitted with modern locks and alarms for your security
Are fitted with circuit breakers, fire and smoke alarms for your safety
Typically come with a guarantee such as Buildmark that protects your new home and provides insurance if any problems should arise

Retirement Living

Allow people to maintain there independence
Provides a private but secure environment
Are adapted specifically for the elderly
Builds communities of like minded people of a similar age

Accessible Homes

Have been built specifically for those with mobility concerns
Provides a safe but independent living environment

House Hunting Tips

Check the property pages of the local newspapers - these will also include property that is not being sold through an estate agent and these homes may be cheaper as a result.
Visit lots of properties
Do not be afraid to go back for a second or even third look. Do take notes - it is easy to forget things when you have left the property, and you can easily confuse two properties.
Try to ignore decor and furnishings, and picture the property empty.
Mortgages will be given on most buildings provided they are structurally sound. If the basic amenities of hot and cold water, an outside toilet and a fixed bath or shower are lacking, then lenders must have an assurance that they will be installed immediately.
If you are interested in a property check out the length of the chain, a long chain will mean a more complicated sale.

The Estate Agent
You should be clear about the estate agent's position. They are working for the seller of the property and receives a fee based commission based on the price paid for the property - remember this when it comes to taking their advice on what to offer. The agent is legally obliged to give you an accurate description of the property. It is a criminal offence for estate agents to leave out something important or make false statements about any property. Any 'enhanced' descriptions by an estate agent should be reported to your local trading standards office.

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