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Bloomin' lovely

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Flowers and plants association

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The sunny days and shorter nights, the warmer temperatures and more temperate air - after the misery of a long, cold winter, we’re all looking forward to the sparkle and bloom of spring with heightened enthusiasm this year.

Spring flowers are a great way to add colour and life to your interiors when colour is still lacking outside in the garden. Traditionally, daffodils were the flower of choice, but more modern spring flowers like hyacinths - because of their beautiful, mood-boosting scent - and ranunculus are becoming more popular.

Hyacinths are a power flower in a delicate season. They look great massed together in a simple vase and just a few stems can perfume a whole room!Another great flower for Spring is Lisianthus. They have the appearance of softly blown roses and although they look delicate they are very robust. Lisianthus will last for 10-14 days in a vase, making them perfect for parties or for simply brightening up your home. Have some fun by displaying them in everyday containers like jam-jars or dipping bowls.

Gemma Payne from the Flowers & Plants Association joins us live online on Friday 17th March at 3pm to offer tips and advice on the best ways to look after spring flowers and keep them fresh for longer.


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