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Diet Plans S to V

Below you'll find leading diet plans and diet programs that start with the letters S through V.

With all the confusion over which diet plans are better than others, and what diet programs to choose that will give you long-term success, read our quick guide to help.

The diets below simply give an overview but you can be assured that each of the diet programs has pros and cons, but this can be found from our links through to our diet reviews.

Diet plans from S to V

Scarsdale Diet
The Scarsdale diet was devised by Dr Herman Tarnower in the 1970s. It is a seven to fourteen day diet plan that uses artificial sweeteners and herbal appetite suppressants....
Scarsdale Diet review »
Scarsdale Diet book review »

Slim Fast diet
SlimFast is a meal replacement diet that relies on two SlimFast shakes, one for breakfast and one for lunch, and a normal meal for dinner. Each SlimFast shake has about 240 calories and with a normal meal the diet...
Slim Fast diet review » [Coming soon]
Slim Fast diet book review »

Slimming World diet
Working off two eating plans for different days - Red and Green - you combine the eating plans - with red days being your higher protein intake. You also get some "syn foods"...
Slimming World diet review »
Slimming World diet book review » [Coming soon]

South Beach diet
Developed by Dr Agatston in 1999, to help patients avoid or combat heart problems, it also boasts weight loss. Celebrity successes include Bill and Hillary Clinton. It works on the idea that carbs cause weight gain...
South Beach diet review »
South Beach diet book review »

Sugar Busters diet
Started in the mid 1990s, the theory behind it is that sugar is toxic and when sugar is eaten it causes an increase in insulin which in turn encourages weight gain. This means that refined sugar in cakes...
Sugar Busters diet review »
Sugar Busters diet book review »

Sugar Addicts diet
Break that addiction to sugar and you will stop blood sugar swings that cause you to crave further sugar fixes. Obviously this means you'll lose weight as you stop the snacking on sugary foods...
Sugar Addicts diet review »
Sugar Addicts diet book review » [Coming soon]

Traffic Light diet
There's no 'special' foods. It's a simple diet that shows you that staple foods consumed in the right way offers a balanced diet. Categorised into Green for Go, Amber for caution and Red for Danger...
Traffic Light diet review »
Traffic Light diet book review » [Coming soon]

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