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Diet Plans F to J

If you want to find out about the latest diet plans whether they are mainstream or otherwise, then why not consider our quick and simple outline diet plan guides for those starting with F through to the letter J.

The information below is very brief, but use th elinks to find more detail or click the tabbed link at the very to of the page to our Diet plan reviews.

Select your Diet plan :

Fit For Life
The Fit For Life diet is a food combining diet that recommends eating specific combinations of foods at certain times of the day. The authors of the book 'Fit For Life' Harvey and Marilyn Diamond devised it in the early 80s...
Fit For Life diet review »
Fit For Life book review »

Food combining diet
A diet based round the theory that eating certain types of foods at different times will hepl you to lose weight. For example, only eating fruit breakfast, then protein for lunch and carbs for tea!
Food combining diet review »
Food combining diet book review » [Coming soon]

GI diet
Glucose is the body's source of energy. The GI measures the speed that food is broken down. Those foods with a low GI break down more slowly, therefore become the core of this diet plan.
GI diet review »
GI diet book review » [Coming soon]

Grapefruit diet
The Grapefruit diet is based around the premise that grapefruit contains fat burning properties and is similar to the cabbage soup diet. There are several versions of this diet.
Grapefruit diet review »
Grapefruit diet book review » [Coming soon]

Hay diet
The Hay diet is a food combing diet created by Dr William Hay in the early 1900's. It is based on the idea that the body can not cope with proteins and carbohydrates at the same time because of the way they are digested
Hay diet review »
Hay Diet book review »

High fibre diet
Exactly what it sounds like. A diet plan that includes fibre rich foods as the core of the plan. High fibre foods are also naturally low in fat - a double bonus!
High Protein Diet review »
High Fibre Diet book review » [Coming soon]
High protein diet
Protein is a building block for our body and is essential for muscle growth. Protein is also extremely low in carbs and extremely low in saturated fat - the basis for a diet plan?
High Protein Diet review »
High Protein Diet book review » [Coming soon]

Hollywood Diet
The Hollywood diet is a type of fasting diet that relies on a 'miracle juice' which is the only thing that can be drunk during the 48-hour duration of the diet.
Hollywood Diet review »
Hollywood Diet book review » [Coming soon]

Jenny Craig
Based entirely on calorie counting methods, you get given a calorie target and then need to stick to either by buying Jenny's food (surprise surprise) or from your usual weekly shop.
Jenny Craig Diet review »
Jenny Craig Diet book review » [Coming soon]

Check out all the other diets we cover using the links below.

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