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Moving & removals: Guide to moving

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do, by following Choice Homes tips we aim to guide you through the common pitfalls of moving house. By thoroughly organising your move we aim to facilitate the smoothest possible transition to your new home. We recommend visiting our removal search which is the largest established trade association for the removals industry.

Arranging the move
Once you have accepted an offer on your property it is time to contact various removal companied that will assist you in your move. Don't leave this aspect of the move too late or you may not be able to have the company of your choice, it is important to have a good feel for your removal firm after all you are trusting them with all your personal possessions. Make sure you are prepared; your removal firm will send you an inventory list which will give you an accurate idea of the volume of possessions you will be moving.

If you decide to move your belongings yourself, hire a van. Again, get a couple of quotes before making a decision and check that they include unlimited mileage. Check whether your home insurance will cover you for any belongings damaged during the move.

Removal Tips

Be prepared to check your removal contract and be clear on exactly how you are insured if any of your possessions are damaged in transit.
Also check with your home contents insurer to make sure you are covered during the move.
If no one can recommend a particular removal firm to you, you one that is a member of the British Association of Removers (tel: 020 8861 3331)
Hire removal boxes or tea chests for packing if they are not supplied by the removal firm.
Start packing things you won't need before the move date.
Don't forget to include everything, including all exterior and garden items, take a good look round your garage, shed and garden - these will all affect your quote.

Don't notify anyone of the change of address before the contracts are exchanged - if the move falls through you'll have to notify everyone again.

Draw up a plan of your new property, showing where you want your furniture.
Take down all the fitted items such as wall lights, shelves and brackets, mirrors and pictures very early on. It will be more time-consuming than you think.

Packing tips

Label which boxes are for which rooms - this will make it easier to unpack and find essential items when you arrive in your new home
Mark fragile items clearly - and load then into the van last if you're moving yourself
Take very fragile items with you in your car
If you're moving your belongings yourself, put one or two heavy items into each container so that they weigh roughly the same
Remember to keep essential items handy until the last minute - this may include a kettle, a couple of mugs, toilet paper, snacks etc

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