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If you think a calorie calculator alone can help you lose weight - think again! The beauty of a calorie calculator is that it can play a key part in how you keep a track on what calories you burn through exercise - therefore you can work out intake vs outgoing. A good, simple, calorie calculator could therefore make your life very simple for you especially alongside our nutrition section.

Use our calorie calculator below to find out how many calories you can lose during some simple exercising routines. The more calories, the quicker the weight loss. All calculations have been based on moderate exercise.

Calculate Your Calories

Select Your Exercise :

Enter Duration Of Exercise (mins.)

Enter Your Weight (lbs.)


Total Calories Burned During Exercise

You may need to convert your weight into pounds from kilos so why not use our simple weight convertor. Remember also that for the bext results, your heart rate should be in your Target Heart Rate Zone when you're exercising.



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