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Body fat calculator

Do you know how to use a body fat calculator? Did you know that you can use a body fat monitor to also work out the percentage of body fat by using a low level electrical signal sent through your body.

Our body fat calculator uses your weight and waist size to make an educated guess on your body fat based on expected results - so not as accurate as a body fat monitor - but a whole lot cheaper! We have a number of free tools including the body fat calculator, so in your fight to lose weight make sure you have all the tools you need or if you want a run down on body fat monitors, click here for our shop pages.

If you need to convert your weight into pounds, use the weight convertor provided. If you need to convert your waist measurements into inches, use the height convertor provided.

Calculate Your Body Fat

Select Your Gender
Enter Your Weight (lbs.)

Enter Your Waist Size (in.)


Your body fat percent is :  

Body Fat Results

Fat Level Men Women
Very Low 7-10% 14-17%
Low 10-13% 17-20%
Average 13-17% 20-27%
High 17-25% 27-31%
Very High >25% >31%

Please remember that all these figures should be taken as a guide only. The above calculation is only a basic guide and doesn't take into account personal factors such as how fit you are, your muscle mass or any other factors. If you have concerns about your weight, please contact your GP.



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